TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference

White Oak ISD, 200 S. White Oak Rd, White Oak, TX

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Dr. Howie DiBlasi

Digital Journey
Georgetown TX
About Howie DiBlasiEducational Technology Trainer and Speaker, Austin, TXDr. Howie DiBlasi was recognized as “Vocational Teacher of the Year” for the State of Arizona and nominated as a finalist in the “Top Secondary Leaders in America”. He has been featured in several magazines as “A CIO that really thinks outside the box”. He is a published author , “Change Agent” , Educational Technology consultant and the Producer of the “DID YOU KNOW “ YouTube series, Versions 2-3-4-5-6. He was recently recognized by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration with the “Pinnacle Award” for outstanding Professional Development Programs. Dr. DiBlasi has extensive experience in the education field, (20 years) business leader, (10 years) and as a C.I.O (14 years). Howie is a member of the I.S.T.E Board of Directors, serves on the TxDLA Board, is President of the I.S.T.E. Special Interest Group for Interactive Video Conferencing and a member of the Alan November Consulting Team. His emphasis is on digital technology, multi-media, interactive video conferencing and 21st century learning. He has presented to thousands of educational leaders, administrators and teachers from Bangkok to Boston.